• Lynette Mejia

Website Refresh

Just a quick note to say that I'm still here, and I've been working for a few days behind the scenes to clean up and clean out the 'ole Internet homestead. During my absence, Wix released a completely new blog platform, so most of my old blog posts were either broken or nearly so, an issue which required a few hours work redesigning and reassigning categories and custom feeds. That sort of morphed into a refresh on most of the other pages, and, well, here we are. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome - enough like the old to seem familiar, but with some updated information, less clutter, and (hopefully) design elements that better take into account issues with accessibility.

To be honest, though, I also just like a change, and the new year, new incoming administration, and the tiniest breath of hope they bring put me in the mood to switch things up a bit. I do this at my house too--sometimes my partner returns home to find all the furniture moved around and nothing where he left it. What can I say? Change is eternal. Change is good.

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