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  • Lynette Mejia


So many aspects of modern life feel like getting a fire hose blast to the face--overwhelming rivers of terrible news offered up alongside targeted advertisements and Internet drama by the metric ton. Every time I open my browser I'm hit with the relentless, horrifying stories of mass shooting after mass shooting, social media bullshit, and the latest salvos in the stinking cesspool that is modern politics. For my own mental well-being I have to step away periodically, like actually get up and walk outside, or I'll lose myself in despair and anger.

This is why I think it's so important to fund green spaces in our cities. We all need that time to detox from the stress and anxiety of unending media exposure. We need to look at flowers, hear bees buzzing, feel the grass under our feet. We need soft breezes and distant views as much as we need food and drink. I truly believe that reconnecting with the earth is the only way we'll survive.

To that end, here are some photos from my late summer garden. It's a poor substitute, I know--just a gentle reminder, really, that there's a world outside full of creatures who don't give a shit about Google ad revenue or Daily Active Viewers. I hope we all have the opportunity this week to step outside and take in a deep, cleansing lungful of air. Remember, you have to put on your own mask before you can help someone else.

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