• Lynette Mejia

Book Review: In the Land of Giants: A Journey Through the Dark Ages

I loved the innovative approach the author took, presenting this history of Dark Age Britain as a series of literal journeys through the landscape. The language is beautiful, full of poetic eyewitness impressions of the locations he visits, along with tons of useful and interesting information about not only the history of each place, but also stories of the archaeological work that's been done there.

I think my favorite bits, however, were his explanations of place names, and how they can reveal information about the historical landscape as well as the various socio-political upheavals that have taken place over time.

This is history the way I love to see it presented--not far removed and untouchable in the distant past, but still revealing itself, still impacting us even when we aren't aware of it. A great read if you are interested in British History.

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