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Yikes, it's been a while.

(Knock. Knock.)

Anybody in there?

Hello from the frozen wastelands of South Louisiana.

Ok, let's start over.


It's winter and I miss the sun. These days it slinks low along the southern horizon, occasionally peeking over the tops of the trees but not really taking the time to be sociable. Frankly it's getting downright rude. We've already had snow twice this winter, which is twice more than we've had snow in a VERY long time, and some forecast models are predicting another round in a couple of weeks.

Really for me the worst part of snow is all the people who start making snarky comments about climate change. Challenged directly I'll scrap it out with you. Otherwise, I do a lot of heavy sighing and try hard to move on with my life.

This is why we can't have nice things.

This week the LOML and I watched The End of the F***ing World on Netflix, and we loved it. I mean, *really* loved it. Beautiful writing. Honestly, I hope there's no Season 2, because as far as I'm concerned it ended beautifully. Where can we go from here that would be meaningful in the same way? Going on would be an obvious sacrifice of art for cash's sake. Not that this would be a surprise, mind you, but a girl needs a nice surprise now and again.

Of course, the minute I saw the words "Based on the graphic novel by Charles Forsman" I had to immediately go and read everything the man's ever written. And having done so, I have to say...dude's got a seriously dark worldview. I mean, I thought I was bleak sometimes. He makes my stories feel like pastel bunnies and daisy cream. I haven't really decided how I feel about it quite yet. Right now I'm still smarting from the ripped-off band aid. It was definitely intense, however. Definitely intense.


Small signal boost: Mike Allen over at Mythic Delirium is having a bit of an e-book sale to celebrate their 20th anniversary. For a limited time, 99¢ gets you both Mythic Delirium anthologies, each containing juicy bits of goodness from yours truly along with a whole host of other great writers. Mike is a good guy, and Mythic Delirium consistently publishes some really wonderful speculative fiction and poetry, so I would definitely recommend it.

That's all for now I suppose. We're coming up on the end of January and I'm working hard to keep working. Three new flash pieces are already in the hopper, along with a longer story I'm sending to an anthology. Always ever onward.

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