• Lynette Mejia

"Long as I Remember, the Rain Been Coming Down"

Another week spent hunkered down, bracing for what might or might not be a horrible natural disaster. Last year at this time we were cleaning up after 20" of rain buried us under feet of water. This year we had Harvey, who left behind another thousand year flood in southeast Texas but luckily only gave us a glancing blow here in south central Louisiana. Still, even a brush with one of these storms is no joke. I feel for the people who have awakened to a new reality of claim numbers, FEMA case reviews, and temporary housing. It's bewildering and mostly frustrating, especially when you're already wandering around in a daze, bewildered and shell-shocked.

If you're interested in giving, I can tell you from a victim's perspective: we never really saw the big name charities. All of our tangible, boots-on-the-ground help came from smaller organizations who don't have a CEO or even a board of directors. I'll add a few links at the bottom, but a little (careful) research can reveal many more.

Where you can help:

Houston Food Bank-

Corpus Christi Food Bank-

Houston Humane Society-

Lake Charles Food Bank-

Second Harvest Food Bank-http://no/

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