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  • Lynette Mejia

2016 Award-Eligible Work


"Seer" (Liminality, 10, Winter 2016/2017)

"Leda/Medusa/Persephone" (Eternal Haunted Summer, Winter Solstice 2016)

"The Vigilant" (Not One of Us, 56, October 2016)

"The Dancer" (Inkscrawl, 10, August 2016)

"Half in Love with Easeful Death" (Mythic Delirium, 3.1, July 2016)

"Haunted" (Through the Gate, 10, May 2016)

"Cat House on Planet X" (Star*Line, 39.2, Spring 2016)

"Mythopoeia" (Eternal Haunted Summer, Spring Equinox 2016)

"Daughter" (Kaleidotrope, Spring 2016)

“Spell” (Stone Telling, 13, January 2016)

Short Stories

​"Now Watch as Belinda Unmakes the World," (Flash Fiction Online, May 2016)

"Rocket Man," (Daily Science Fiction, 04 Apr 2016)


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