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  • Lynette Mejia

Screen Break - Things I'm Loving: Black Mirror

I only recently discovered Netflix's Black Mirror, which migrated over from the BBC's Channel 4 last year, and it's just spectacular. Presented as standalone stories ( à la The Twilight Zone), each episode gives us a near-future vision of how our current tech might evolve if we aren't very, very careful. (Hint: it's not good). The series was created by Charlie Brooker, a fellow Gen-X'er with a hefty dose of our innate distrust of both authority and the naive image of a bright future via technology. With the notable exception of one (Season Three's beautifully poignant "San Junipero"), every episode has left me breathless with its bleak vision, made even more horrifying by my personal belief that what I'm watching is more than likely prescient. Black Mirror taps into our fears regarding social media, the rise of the demagogue, and our unending appetite for spectacle (particularly one that involves shaming a fellow human being). It's beautiful and devastating, so much so that I can only watch a single episode at a time; I have to turn it off and take a day or so to process what I've seen before I can go on.

If your view of the world right now is bleak, Black Mirror will confirm your every fear. If it's not, then you need to watch it anyway.

Currently streaming on Netflix.

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