• Lynette Mejia

Autumn Calling*

Yes, I know the calendar says August (and barely, at that), but the wheel of the year continues to turn. Over the last few days I've begun to notice the slow but inexorable signs of autumn approaching. Though the air remains thick, and hot, every now and then I catch the tiniest of breezes, laden with the scent of the first turning leaves. The Earth seems to sigh, hot and weary, slowly beginning the process of readying Herself for the winter rest to come.

Leaves have begun drifting down through the branches of the old sycamore.

Goldenrod has begun to bloom in the pollinator garden.

Spider Lillies, aka Lycoris radiata, aka hurricane lilies, so named because their arrival coincides with the peak of hurricane season in these parts. I've also heard them called surprise lilies for their habit of popping up, seemingly out of nowhere, with no foliage to herald their arrival.

A pair of Gulf fritillary butterflies, doing what butterflies do. They often appear in autumn and hang around until first frost before moving on to warmer climes for the winter.

*With apologies to The Clash.

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