• Lynette Mejia

The Road to Hell

Not much writing has been done in the past few weeks, due to the expected but still sudden arrival of SPRING. Mid February until Mid April is prime time here in the South, whether you garden or not. For me, it means planting the early summer veggie garden, replacing cool season annuals with warm season annuals (in hanging baskets, etc), and getting as much work done on the BIG PROJECTS as possible before the heat and mosquitoes begin moving in like the plagues of Egypt.

So far, the LOML and I have 1) Cleared a section of our looooong frontage, mowing, weed and small tree removal, etc, in anticipation of planting a line of spring-flowering azaleas among the larger trees. (Yes, I know that big pink spring azaleas are something of a cliché, but I find them beautiful so haters can suck it.) 2) Added seven more raised vegetable beds and four trellis-tunnel panels, as well as planted 24 tomatoes, as many peppers, along with eggplant, climbing peas, bush beans, corn and various herbs. 3) Finished the final bed (Spring, as it turned out) in the garden I call "Seasons," which also has a (not so) subtle Greek theme, and finally 4) began digging bigger, wider, deeper drainage ditches for better hallway vision.

Looking back, I realize that I originally intended this to be a post about writing, but that gardening has hijacked it, as it does everything else this time of year. Oh, well, I've learned to just go with it. The road to Hell being paved with what it is, etc.

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