Other Insects
A brown praying mantis standing on a green piece of wood.

Carolina Mantis

Stagmomantis carolina


12 October 2016

Honeybee landing on a red cigar flower.

European Honeybee

Apis mallifera

Adult Worker

05 July 2017

Carpenter bee searching for nectar on a red cigar flower.

Eastern Carpenter Bee Xylocopa virginica


05 July 2017

A pair of southern two-striped walkingsticks mating on the handle of a wire brush.

Southern Two-striped Walkingstick

Anisomorpha buprestoides


06 June 2018

A ringed paper wasp eating a piece of fruit.

Ringed Paper Wasp

Polistes annularis


25 November 2018

A yellow jacket wasp eating a piece of fruit.

Southern Yellowjacket

Vespula squamosa


25 November 2018

A Uhler's water bug on a wooden deck.

Uhler's Water Bug

Lethocerus uhleri


01 December 2018

An eastern pondhawk perched on a person's arm.
A swamp cicada on a piece of wood.

Swamp Cicada

Neotibicen tibicen


31 July 2019

Eastern Pondhawk

Erythemis simplicicollis


20 May 2019

Eastern Eyed Click Beetle on a plank of wood.

Eastern Eyed Click Beetle

Alaus oculatus


20 June 2019

A horned passalas beetle crawling through dollar weed and grass.

Horned Passalus Beetle

Odontotaenius disjunctus


27 September 2019

A northern mole cricket on concrete.

  Northern Mole Cricket

Neocurtilla hexadactyla


07 November 2019

Swamp milkweed leaf beetle larva on milkweed.

   Swamp Milkweed Leaf Beetle

Labidomera clivicollis


19 May 2020

A stump borer beetle on a tree branch.

   Hardwood Stump Borer

Mallodon dasystomus


20 May 2020

A carrion beetle on a wood plank.

   American Carrion Beetle

Necrophila americana


12 June 2020

 A resh cicada with its exuviae on concrete.

    Resh Cicada

Megatibicen resh

Adult with exuviae

11 July 2020

Obscure Bird grasshopper on tree bark with white lichen.

    Obscure Bird Grasshopper

Schistocerca obscura


04 August 2020

Giant strong-nosed stink bugs as nymphs on a leaf.

Giant Strong-nosed Stink Bug

Alcaeorrhynchus grandis

Approx. 5th instar Nymph

16 October 2020

Fraternal potter wasp drinking nectar from goldenrod flower.

Fraternal Potter Wasp

Eumenes fraternus


16 October 2020

Fork-tailed Bush Katydid 25 July 2021.jpeg

Fork-tailed Bush Katydid

Scudderia furcata

25 July 2021

Eastern Cicada Killer.jpeg

Eastern Cicada-killer Wasp

Sphecius speciosus

02 September 2021