A juvenile barred owl sitting on a cypress branch.

Juvenile Barred Owl

Strix varia

09 May 2015

A tufted titmouse clinting to a peanut feeder.

Tufted Titmouse

Baeolophus bicolor

07 March 2019

An American robin searching through leaves on the ground.

American Robin

Turdus migratorius

07 March 2019

A male cardinal searching through leaves, standing on a stone on the ground.

Northern Cardinal (male)

Cardinalis cardinalis

07 March 2019

A yellow painted bunting perched on a metal pole.

Painted Bunting

(Female or Juvenile Male)

Passerina ciris

08 May 2020

A mourning dove standing in the grass.

Mourning Dove

Zenaida macroura

08 May 2020

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird (female) flyin

Ruby-throated Hummingbird (female)

Archilochus colubris 

04 May 2021

Red Bellied Woodpecker sitting on the br

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Melanerpes carolinus

06 May 2021

An indigo bunting sitting on a pecan tree branch.

Indigo Bunting

Passerina cyanea

06 May 2021

Carolina wren sitting on an outdoor fan blade.

Carolina Wren

Thryothorus ludovicianus

20 May 2021

Cattle egret standing in grass hunting for insects.

Cattle Egret

Bubulcus ibis

20 May 2021

Little Blue Heron searching for food in standing water.

Little Blue Heron

Egretta caerulea

21 May 2021

Great Heron standing in grass which is c

Great Heron

Ardea alba

21 May 2021

White Ibis walking through grass covered in water.

White Ibis

Eudocimus albus

21 May 2021