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in Strange Horizons, 20 May 2019


The old house shudders,

vines and creepers circle the crumbling frame, thin
arms lithe and loving, a comfort.

"...a lovely poem, quiet but full of a resounding power." - Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews

"Trees and What They Whisper"
in Liminality #19, Spring 2019


.I see you through
the leaves, eyes flashing
in sunlight, a deep green only
partially masking the truth;


"A Gardener's Guide to the Apocalypse"
in If This Goes On: The Science Fiction Future of Today's Politics

They are pragmatists, these new things, making use of the world that exists, not attempting to replicate memories of what was, or dangle from the hope of what might yet be.

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in Sycorax Journal, Winter 2019


I’m the lightning strike on the edge of one

storm and in others I roll, heavy with thunder.


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